Exploring the OxygenOS and Your OnePlus 9R Smartphone Needs


The all new OxygenOS 9 r is built on a new core technology called Oxybotanic. This technology promises to provide users with an innovative mobile phone experience with cutting edge technology that is user friendly and truly remarkable. The OxygenOS technology provides a unique user interface that is unlike any other smartphone on the market today. From the moment you put the device on your phone, you will notice that it is different – Oxygen OS simply oozes class. It is extremely sleek and a oneplus 9r ttractive and has all the features that would make any user want to stay with the product.

One of the most impressive features of this smartphone is its incredible internal storage. The OxygenOS has a powerful processor inside along with plenty of space to store everything you need. From text and email to photos and videos, you have plenty of storage on the oneplus 9r to work with. When looking at the OxygenOS 9R specs, the phone provides some similarities with its competitors in the smartphone market. It comes standard with a full-hd+ LCD screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate and a 16-megapixel main camera sensor. The one notable difference is the absence of a headphone jack which gives the Oxygen OS a big advantage over its competition.

In terms of camera setup, the OxygenOS comes standard with an astounding eight megapixel camera setup. You can upgrade to a higher resolution camera for an additional cost of $100. You also have the option to get a solid sound system so you don’t miss out on your favorite songs or calls. For those who like taking pictures, the OxygenOS comes standard with a high-quality lens with optical image stabilization for clearer photos. For the busy traveler or business traveler, there’s also the option to add Bluetooth capabilities to expand your ability to take advantage of off-site storage.

Speaking of extra capabilities, the oneplus 9r has many of them including a wide shooting mode for taking shots in specific directions. A fingerprint scanner lets you quickly go into settings and customize exactly what you want your facial mask to do. Plus, it has two different levels of charging that allow you to juice the phone up fast when you need it most. This enables you to enjoy entertainment features like downloading images, games, and music right when you need them.

One thing that’s not in the phone is a dedicated user interface but that doesn’t matter since the OxygenOS really does make up for it in so many other areas. For example, it has a user-friendly multi-orientation interface which makes using the device as easy as possible. You can switch from landscape to portrait, up and down, and even start off in either a GPS or fitness orientation. If you prefer to use a notification centre as your main interface, then the OxygenOS has you covered too with its notification centre widget which serves as a home menu for all your favourite apps. It also integrates with the Google calendar to display your events on your phone and with Google+, it lets you access your social media profiles too.

OxygenOS is not a unique smartphone, in fact it is not even your first choice if you’re looking for a new smartphone. Even though the OxygenOS has many appealing elements, this doesn’t mean it’s the be all and end all when it comes to smartphones. Before purchasing an OxygenOS smartphone, be sure to do your research and arm yourself with some knowledge so you can make the best decision for you and your needs.

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